Render unto Datazen – a solution for rendering issues

In the latest server build (which I spoke about here last week), some users were running into issues with the Datazen rendering service.  In plain English, it just means they weren’t seeing their dashboard thumbnails properly in the web browser or client apps.  We’ll be tweaking the server install slightly to make sure this doesn’t occur for anyone, but if you have an issue prior to that being updated, there is a simple fix for this.

In your Datazen server file explorer, navigate to the following folder –

C:\Program Files\Datazen Enterprise Server\renderer\svc

Copy the ‘Microsoft.IdentityModel.dll’ file –
Paste it into the following folder –

C:\Program Files\Datazen Enterprise Server\renderer\viewer

You can then restart the Datazen Server rendering service on your server –

And your days of rendering issues should be over (if you were having any to begin with, that is).

12 thoughts on “Render unto Datazen – a solution for rendering issues

  1. Hello Christopher!
    My question is not related to the post but I noticed you have a deep knowledge with Datazen. I’m totally new to Datazen and just installed for the very first time last week. There is an option for branding and I can’t find a sample package to start with. I’ve found some guidance in the docs, but it looks a bit tricky to start from scratch and I’m afraid of screw up my server installation. Is there a sample package for download somewhere?


      1. Christopher, this is great stuff!! I think it would be cool to add a sample package within the installer so anyone can start branding from the very beginning.
        Thank you very much for the help!!


  2. Hello Christopher, doesn’t work for me about “Render unto Datazen – a solution for rendering issues” 😦
    it”s not blockingfor me…more huge bugs more important (notifications don’t work with AD account, problem when I separate server and Publisher : AD account auto locked by server) : Do I have setup delegation with spn ?


  3. Hi Chris,
    I am having the same issue, I have the latest version of datazen server, the only thing I can think of is I am using the datazen publisher for windows 7.

    I also noticedon the datazen web viewer in IE 11 does not show the activity feeds. Any ideas why?

    Please let me know if you have any workarounds. Thanks for your time.!


  4. Hi Chris,
    I have the latest built of the datazen server, the rendering was working great until I connected to a SSAS cube on a remote server now the thumbnails will not update.

    Datazen Viewer shows the thumbnails from the last publish but will not refresh unless I publish.

    I tried changing the process time out setting on the rendering service config file but no success.

    Any help will be appreciated.



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