SQL Server Mobile Reports – Free Maps of the Week, Part 2


Hi everyone – as promised last week, I have a new set of free maps I’ve pulled together to share with all of you as we get even closer to the GA of SQL Server 2016.

Use the links below to download the zipped map files.  You’ll need to unzip them and follow the directions here to use them in your mobile reports.

World Countries – Download
Europe – Download
Bosnia-Herzegovina – Download
Bulgaria – Download
Spain – Download

Remember, these maps aren’t officially supported by Microsoft in any way.  But if you find these helpful, be sure to check back next week for even more free maps.  Have a great rest of your holiday weekend (well, if you’re in the US, anyways)!

2 thoughts on “SQL Server Mobile Reports – Free Maps of the Week, Part 2

  1. Thank you for this. was looking for a map with all countries to use. .
    Is there anyway we can edit the maps? And if so how?
    I need to rename a few of the countries to match our data.
    E.g. Tanzania doesn’t show up. I’m thinking this is due to it being named “Tanzania, United Republic of” in the map.


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