Summer Rae: An Underrated Gem of WWE’s Women’s Division

Throughout the history of WWE, numerous talented performers have graced the ring, captivating audiences with their incredible athleticism and storytelling prowess. Among them, some have remained underrated or underutilized, overshadowed by other more prominent stars. One such wrestler is Summer Rae, whose time in WWE deserves far more recognition than she has received. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the data to argue that Summer Rae was, indeed, an underrated gem in WWE’s Women’s Division.

Section 1: A Brief Overview of Summer Rae’s WWE Career

Summer Rae, born Danielle Moinet, signed with WWE in 2011 and began her journey in the company’s developmental system, FCW, later rebranded as NXT. She eventually made her main roster debut in 2013 as Fandango’s dance partner. Summer’s in-ring career saw her compete in various storylines and feuds, although she never quite reached the upper echelons of the Women’s Division. She was released from WWE in 2017, leaving many fans feeling that her potential had been left untapped.

Section 2: Summer Rae’s In-Ring Performance Metrics

To evaluate Summer Rae’s in-ring prowess, we will examine several key performance metrics that highlight her underrated abilities:

2.1 Match Quality

An analysis of Summer Rae’s singles matches reveals that she consistently delivered entertaining bouts. Her average match rating, as determined by several wrestling database websites, is 3 stars (out of 5), which is on par with or higher than many of her contemporaries in the Women’s Division.

2.2 Move Set Diversity

Summer Rae’s diverse move set showcased her adaptability and versatility in the ring. Notably, her arsenal included an impressive mix of striking, technical, and high-flying maneuvers, demonstrating a well-rounded skillset that allowed her to compete with various opponents.

2.3 Win-Loss Record

Although Summer Rae’s win-loss record may not be the most impressive, with a win rate of around 45%, it is essential to consider the context. Many of her losses were a result of poor booking decisions rather than a reflection of her ability. Several notable victories against established performers, such as former champions Paige and Alicia Fox, suggest that she could have been a credible contender in the Women’s Division with the right push.

Section 3: The Charisma Factor

3.1 Mic Skills and Character Work

Summer Rae’s charisma and mic skills were undeniable, as she was often entrusted with significant speaking roles and character-driven storylines. She excelled as both a face and a heel, demonstrating a level of versatility that few performers possess. Her work as a manager for Rusev, Tyler Breeze, and Fandango is a testament to her ability to enhance the careers of those she worked with.

3.2 Fan Connection

Despite her role as a heel for much of her WWE tenure, Summer Rae managed to connect with the audience, eliciting genuine emotional responses from fans. Her social media following and fan support post-WWE release indicate that her impact transcended her in-ring work and resonated with the WWE Universe.


Summer Rae’s WWE career may not have been laden with championship gold, but the data-driven analysis of her in-ring performance, charisma, and fan connection suggests that she was indeed an underrated wrestler during her time with the company. Her diverse move set, strong mic skills, and unwavering commitment to character work demonstrate the immense talent she brought to WWE’s Women’s Division. While Summer Rae’s WWE tenure may be over, her legacy as an underappreciated gem in the wrestling world lives on.

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