Princess Ardala: The Underrated Villainess We Need to Talk About


When it comes to iconic villains, Pamela Hensley’s portrayal of Princess Ardala on the 1979-1981 TV series “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” is often overlooked. However, Princess Ardala is an underrated villain who deserves more recognition for her complexity, cunning, and magnetism. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the character’s most memorable moments and explore why Pamela Hensley’s performance as Princess Ardala deserves a place among the pantheon of unforgettable TV villains.

The Allure of Princess Ardala

One of the essential aspects of Princess Ardala’s character is her undeniable allure. As the seductive and powerful princess from the planet Draconia, Ardala exudes an air of confidence that is both intimidating and mesmerizing. Her elaborate and provocative costumes, combined with her flirtatious demeanor, make her a magnetic presence on-screen. Hensley’s portrayal of the character captures this allure perfectly, making it impossible to look away whenever she graces the screen.

The Complex Nature of Ardala’s Character

While many villains are one-dimensional, Princess Ardala is a multifaceted character with depth and complexity. Her character is driven by a desire for power and a determination to rule the galaxy, but she’s not without vulnerability. As the series progresses, it becomes evident that Ardala is caught between her ambition and her feelings for Buck Rogers.

Pamela Hensley masterfully portrays this inner conflict, allowing the audience to see the humanity beneath the villainous exterior. This depth of character makes Princess Ardala a much more intriguing and relatable villain than many of her counterparts.

Ardala’s Intelligence and Cunning

Princess Ardala’s intelligence and cunning are another aspect of her character that sets her apart as an underrated villain. She is always several steps ahead of her enemies, using her charm and wit to manipulate those around her. Ardala is a brilliant strategist, willing to make ruthless decisions to achieve her goals.

Hensley’s portrayal of the character emphasizes Ardala’s cunning nature, as she expertly navigates the complex world of intergalactic politics and warfare. Her ability to outsmart and outmaneuver her enemies makes her a formidable and compelling antagonist.

Memorable Moments: Ardala’s Confrontations with Buck Rogers

Throughout the series, some of the most memorable moments involve Princess Ardala’s confrontations with the show’s protagonist, Buck Rogers. Their interactions are filled with sexual tension and a battle of wits, as they each try to outsmart the other. These scenes are electric, thanks in large part to the chemistry between Pamela Hensley and Gil Gerard, who played Buck Rogers.

One such scene occurs in the episode “Escape from Wedded Bliss,” where Ardala attempts to force Buck into marrying her as part of a plan to conquer Earth. Their verbal sparring and the high-stakes tension make this episode a standout moment for both characters and showcase Hensley’s ability to command the screen.


Pamela Hensley’s portrayal of Princess Ardala on “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” is an underrated gem in the world of TV villains. Her magnetic allure, complex character development, intelligence, and memorable confrontations with Buck Rogers make her an unforgettable antagonist. It’s high time we gave Princess Ardala the recognition she deserves as a captivating and multilayered villain who left a lasting impression on the sci-fi television landscape.

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