How to drill-through from a Datazen dashboard to Power View in SharePoint

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So I’m assuming (perhaps incorrectly) most folks reading this know you can setup drill-through to a custom url in Datazen.  Usually, I talk to folks about it in the context of drilling through to a traditional SQL Server Reporting Services report, and I’m passing through some parameters I’ve selected on my Datazen dashboard.  But did you know you could also do something similar to a Power View report in SharePoint 2013?  Well you can!

First, you need to make sure you have Cumulative Update 4 for SQL Server 2012 SP1 applied in your SharePoint instance.  This update introduced the ability to use filters in a Power View URL.  The filters act as “pinned filters”, meaning they will apply to your entire report.  Assuming that is done, the process is fairly straightforward –

1.  You’ll need to create a Power View report in your SharePoint instance (you can get more information on that here).  You need to use the table name/field name of the parameter you want to pass-through as part of the url, so make sure you know both items.  For example, I used a field called ‘ATUName’ from a table called ‘ATU Name’ (quite clever, isn’t it?) for my example.


This translates to [ATU Name].[ATUName] when I’m creating my url.

2.  Now that we have that setup, in the Datazen Publisher app, select an element that supports drill-through targets on the design surface. Open the Drill-through Target drop down in Visual Properties pane and select Custom URL, this will open the drill-through configuration dialog.


3.  Now I can enter my custom URL with the parameter I want to pass-through.  You have to make sure this typed out properly per the instructions in the blog post on using this functionality.  This includes the proper spacing and using the correct quote type properly.  See the example they give here –


And then the end of my URL string –


Note that I included the space before and after ‘eq’.  You then also need to make sure you have quotes around the parameter you are passing through.

Now, you can’t test this working live in the development process.  You have to deploy the dashboard to the Datazen server, THEN you can test it.  An easy way to do that is from the web viewer.  If you login to your server in a web browser, you’ll see your dashboards listed like so –

image Select the dashboard you updated, and you’ll now see a little arrow on the widget you added the drill-through to Power View to.


Make sure you’ve selected the value you setup as the parameter you’re passing through to the Power View report, then click the widget to jump to the Power View report.


Your report will open with that parameter now pinned and applied to each part of the report!


This works from either the browser view of the Datazen dashboards, or from the Windows 8 apps, provided the web browser opens in desktop mode since the Power View report in SharePoint still renders in Silverlight.

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