Shape of the Union or Free Datazen Maps!

This blog post will be short, but hopefully valuable for everyone.  I’ve included a link to a zip file at the end of this post containing all the US states and some variations on the continental US you might find valuable (4 region view, 9 region view, etc.)

It’s easy to add these to your server and make them available in your dashboards.  To do so, go to the Datazen hub you wish to add the new map shape to and click “Custom Maps” on the left-hand navigation bar –

Then click “Upload Map Shape” to open a new dialog and select the files you wish to upload –

Once you’ve uploaded them, you’ll have access to them whenever you select any map object in your designer screen by selecting “Custom Map from Datazen Server” in the dropdown.  You’ll be prompted through a few screens to select the map you want to use.

Screenshot (1)

Screenshot (5)

Screenshot (3)

Screenshot (4)

Now you have your new map in your dashboard!

Here is a link to the files for you to download and use –