Datazen Friday Grab Bag Post – Windows 7, Support, Dashboard Staging, Training and a PASS tease


Happy Friday all!

I haven’t had a chance to post the last couple weeks, but with the PASS Summit coming next week, wanted to share a few quick items that have bubbled up, grab bag style!

Windows 7 Publisher now in GA – I know this is big news for a lot of folks.  If you’ve been using the preview version of this, make sure you download the updated app, which was made available earlier this week.

Where you can go for support – I’ve had this come up a few times recently.  You can send a request to and you’ll get an auto-email response that will contain a number of FAQ’s and a link to file a ticket with the support team.  If the FAQ doesn’t answer your question, make sure you use that link to submit your support question that you get back in the e-mail.  I’d also suggest you link to the Datazen content portal, which has articles that apply to the vast majority of questions that come up.

Moving content between server/hubs – The topic of dev or staging environments for Datazen is one that people send me questions around.  The best way to handle this type of scenario right now is to create groups on the same hub for each staging area, and move the dashboards between those environments.  You can use the Datazen security options to hide the groups and dashboards as needed in each group, and you can change the groups you publish dashboards too, as long as they are in the same hub.  We’ve heard the feedback that people would like more robust options and will be looking to improve that experience as the product evolves moving forward.

Where can I get Datazen training? – For most folks, the tutorial videos posted on the Datazen site are more than sufficient to get started quickly and put together some amazing content.  If that’s not enough to meet your needs, I know some customers were looking at the course available from Blue Buffalo Press, as well as working with partners to help them meet their needs.

Is there a Datazen session at PASS next week?  Yes!  Paul Turley and I will be presenting at the PASS Summit – that’s the good news.  The bad news is, it’s in the last slot on Friday before Halloween.  So, I’m sure that will cut into attendance at least a little bit.  But for those who do stick around, I’ll promise you this – you’ll get a glimpse of Datazen vNext during the session!

Hope you have a great weekend, and I’m looking forward to meeting some folks at PASS next week!

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