Pin to Win – Use Power BI to get updated Reporting Services data in your PowerPoint presentation


This was too cool not to blog about.  So the latest version of SQL Server Reporting Services supports Export to PowerPoint, but the data isn’t still live once it is exported.  Well, here’s a neat trick you can use to use elements from SSRS reports and have to data update in your PowerPoint presentations.  Use Power BI to make it happen!

1. Use the new pinning capability in Power BI to pin the report element from your Reporting Services report to your dashboard.


You’ll then see the SSRS element as a tile on your dashboard.

2. Use the new DevScope Power BI app in the PowerPoint presentation to add this element from your Power BI dashboard to your PowerPoint slide.  It’s an option just like every other tile in your Power BI dashboard to be selected and used.


3.  The data gets refreshed hourly (the default option) in your Reporting Services report element in Power BI.  When the update happens, refresh the tile in PowerPoint and you’ll see the latest data and the time the data last refreshed!


This was an unexpected benefit of using the Power BI tiles in my PowerPoint presentation.  Heck, you could also do this in an Excel workbook!

Thanks for reading!