Free Sample Mobile Reports for SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services


Hi all – I was hoping to get to this over the weekend, since I know a number of folks were looking for some sample mobile report files they could use as a starting point for building new reports in SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services.  While we weren’t able to include any sample files as part of the Mobile Report Publisher install, I do have some sample files I use that I’m happy to share with you to use as you’d like.  Just download the zip file, open one of them in Mobile Report Publisher and you have a great starting point for your own mobile report(s).

The usual disclaimer applies that these samples aren’t officially supported by Microsoft in any way.

Sample Mobile Reports – Download

Enjoy, and I’ll have more sample map files available for you later this week.

3 thoughts on “Free Sample Mobile Reports for SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services

  1. Christopher, you are a SQL2016, SSRS, Mobile Reports and Datazen Maestro – thank you so much for providing this timely follow-up!

    BRAVO !

    We have DL’d it and look forward to even more as you mentioned.

    PS: In Power BI “app” under SSRS “Sales Reports” = awesome by itself, there are “empty folders” for “Pipeline Reports and Revenue Reports”? Are those coming soon?

    Finally, please alert us if you discover anyone that has showcased or blogged about “connecting Microsoft’s excellent Adventure Works 2016 DW to SSRS … and especially, Mobile Reports Publisher.

    Do get us wrong = we LOVE SQL 2016 and these Mobile Reports Publisher “samples”!!!

    You are a HERO!


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