SQL Server 2016 Mobile Reports – Free Maps of the Week, Part 3


Hi everyone – once again, I have a new set of free maps I’ve pulled together to share with all of you as we celebrate the official release of SQL Server 2016.

Use the links below to download the zipped map files.  You’ll need to unzip them and follow the directions here to use them in your mobile reports.

Cayman Islands – Download
South America – Download
Ukraine – Download
Micronesia – Download
Jamaica – Download
Hong Kong – Download

Remember, these maps aren’t officially supported by Microsoft in any way.  This blog series seems to be fairly popular regardless, so look for even more next week.  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “SQL Server 2016 Mobile Reports – Free Maps of the Week, Part 3

  1. Hi Christopher
    I’m working with SSRS mobile in some customers, and I found some important bugs have planned an update within a short time?
    I’m working on a typical architecture of DW / BI (SSRS SSAS Tabular + / Power BI), and has become difficult to work with SSAS / DAX / SSRS Mobile.

    thank you very much
    Greetings from Argentina
    PS: thanks for the map of Argentina


    1. Hi Alejandro,

      There’s a bug currently in SSDT around Shared Datasets which should be fixed in the next release. Is there something else you were running into?



      1. Thank you very much for the quick answer.

        We have solved temporarily using Linkd Server, because we need Dataset with parameters for two reasons: semi-additive measures and data volume.

        We noticed other problems:
        – The names of fields Shared Dataset not allow spaces, so these are displayed “ugly” in the Dashboard, for example “Commercial Revenue” show as “Commercial_Revenue” or “AUM Var %” show as “AUM_Var__”
        – Selection List when pass parameters in Dataset, if the field contain values separated by commas, such as “LastName, FirstName” Add “{…}” at the value, “{ LastName, FirstName }” like multiple selection values. (In Dataset with MDX)
        – In other cases we find that the Selection List, delete spaces in fields separated by commas, for example in field value = “LastName, FirstName” pass value as “LastName,FirstName”.
        In these cases, we have solved temporarily passing parameters fields only codes or ID, but sometimes it is necessary to filter by a consolidator field.
        Finally, in “grid” if we set up a field with “General” format shows as time format hh: mm: ss ”

        thank you very much
        best regards


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